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A few weekends back, we attended the Lafayette Square (our neighborhood's) Home Tour. Since I am such a real estate stalker, I was really eager to see what our neighbor's houses looked like on the inside- because I already know how fabulous they are from the outside.

I was very surprised! Turns out, it was not at all what I expected. Most of the interiors of the homes we saw were very traditional and in keeping with the exterior of the homes. I guess I was hoping for more of a juxtaposition of modern decor in a historic home.... but anyway, it's always fun to see how others live.

Here are some examples of homes in the neighborhood.

Beautiful, right? You can totally understand why I was so eager to see what the insides look like.

Here is what I discovered.

Totally traditional, right? Here are some details.

Foo dogs!!
Sorry for the bad photo, but I loved these original floors.

This was the most 'modern' kitchen I saw. Loooved the royal blue countertops on the island.

And just some misc. photos... there was also an antique fair in the park the same weekend... did I mention how much I LOVE this neighborhood??

Me, enjoying the tour!

After taking this tour and talking with the homeowners, I really understand that preserving the historical value of these homes is the homeowners' passion. So I totally respect all the hard work they put into doing just that.

I would still like to see one decked out in modern decor... maybe someday! Nonetheless, I enjoyed it!

xoxo, Emily

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  1. You are adorable and I LOVE your neighborhood too! Can we go the the antique fair when I visit?? :)


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