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Over the past week, we have been chipping away at getting settled in the Chouse. While it is always super fun to decorate a new place... it can be very overwhelming at the same time. What we HAD to do first was change the paint colors in some of the rooms.

I really don't know what the previous owners of this house were thinking when it came to choosing paint colors. They must have been some really BOLD people. Here's a little sample of what I have been working with:

This is the bathroom attached to our bedroom. It's very small (especially compared to our bathroom in Houston, but that's neither here nor there). BUT it has this view:

So I really can't complain. I can, however, complain about those crazy paint colors. Blue on blue... stripes. I love stripes as much as the next girl, but just not used this way. I also find it to be so funny that instead of painting this bathroom something a bit more neutral, the company that staged the Chouse thought "oh just get a matching blue towel and a rust colored towel and it will look GREAT"...................

Not so much.

Anyway! It was one of the first things that got our attention. So here's a pic of where we are now:

SO much happier with this space now. Better color, check (it's Benjamin Moore Senora Gray). Added storage, check. Now I just need some art. I am thinking I am going to paint something myself, but we will see. There are still quite a few items on the 'list' so we will see what happens there. It's hard to work on the house when there is a lovely park right across the street and a new city to explore.... oh well. Too blessed to be stressed :)

xoxo, Emily

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