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So, when I had my lovely week in Oklahoma, my Mom decided she wanted to change things up a bit in her house. As I posted here, my Mom has some really awesome stuff. But her living/dining area just wasn't working for her anymore. So, we changed it! With the help of my brother (aka the muscles behind the move), of course. I am really, really kicking myself for not getting better 'before' pics.... but when you are in the zone you just don't always stop to grab the camera.

So, here is the 'after'.

We basically flipped the room. We moved the dining table to the opposite side and made the seating area the first thing you see when you walk in. It definitely allows the fireplace to be more of a focal point than it was previously. And the seating is so opened up now so the dining area is really a part of the conversation area.

Moving everything around totally opened up the room and made the flow better. We also painted the walls... it went from a too-yellow to a just-right-gray.

Sorry for the flash in the mirror. One day, Mom is planning on semi-covering the mirror with a cool geometric stencil. I think it will be an awesome addition.

As you can see, the dogs are very happy with it, and so is my Mom! So glad I could help :)

Now, back to work on making our new house more of an 'after'.... it's definitely still in the 'before' stages!!

xoxo, Emily

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  1. Love the new arrangement and love the gray!


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