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Moving has its perks. I am slowly making my way up to St. Louis from Houston, and during the process I get to spend some time in Oklahoma at my Momma's house. I looooove getting to spend time not only with my family but also in my hometown.

My Mom has created a really great style in her home. It's kind of mid-century modern mixed with antiques and rustic touches. She has a great eye and I love seeing her many finds. Thought I would share some of them with you all.

The best part about the house is the amazing backyard, and the view you get of the backyard from the main room.

She just painted this wall. It used to be white. A great choice, I think!

I actually painted these for her a few years back.

My mom really likes nature things. Sticks, rocks, etc. These wood pieces hang in the family room.

A pretty space in the living room.

xoxo, Emily

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