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I am a reality television fan. I prefer the craziness of certain people's 'realities'. For those of you out there who understand my condition, it won’t come as a surprise that I watch the Kardashians (and all the spin-offs) quite frequently.
Kim bought a bomb new house last year and whoever did the decorating did a really good job. It definitely has a neutral palette… if it were my house I would definitely need more color and pattern. But, it’s not my house!!
Some pics:


Images from here and here.

Khloe and Lamar’s house is really cool too; I just can’t find any pics of it! It definitely has more drama through color and pattern than Kim’s so I find it to be more interesting. Does anyone know where I can find some photos of the interior?
xoxo, Emily
PS- It's moving day!!! So crazy that the time to leave Houston is already here... watching the movers pack up our stuff is so surreal!


  1. omg!!!i stuck with the reality these days and i love this house!!!i love the big kitchen!!!nice blog....

  2. Thanks dear! I love this house too. At least I can dream.... xoxo


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