Anniv. gift for the Hubs


I can't believe the Hubs and I will be married two years on Monday. You know what they say... time flies when you're having fun! As the day approaches, it is so wonderful to look back on our wedding day and remember just how special it was.

Anyway, to celebrate the day, we are going to tear ourselves away from working on the new house for a little bit to have a picnic in our new park. I just can't wait :)

Because so much has been going on, I haven't gotten him a gift yet. (insert bad wife comment here) BUT, I have actually known what I want to get him for a while, and I showed it to him last night. (I am terrible at keeping secrets so it's a good thing I even waited this long).

I am very into sticking to the 'traditional' gifts. Last year was paper and I made him a Shutterfly photobook of our wedding pics. This year is cotton. I could have gone alot of different ways with it, but I decided to go with this:

It is a custom subway scroll from Etsy seller LilyGene (who I think I heard about from YHL, but now I can't remember). Anyway, I am thinking canvas totally passes as cotton, right??

I have always been really sentimental about places and over these past two years, we have been blessed enough to share many special places in the world. I thought this would be a great way to remind us of them.

Kind of afraid subway scrolls are going to turn into the next "Keep Calm and..." posters... but oh well. I have been thinking about this gift for a few months and I still love it. I also have the perfect place picked out in the Chouse for it to go.

Now I just need to order it!

Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe Memorial Day weekend!

xoxo, Emily

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