Best Friend's Baby Shower #2


Well, my best friend's baby shower was this weekend and it was just wonderful! Everything turned out just perfectly- decor, food, etc! More than anything, it was great seeing the Mommy-to-be and catch up with good friends.

Of course, I have to share some pics of the party!

Everything we did for decor was really easy and budget-friendly, but it looked just adorable. In case you didn't see, I posted a little bit of our inspiration for the shower here.

We had the party at the house that one of the hostesses grew up in. Such a charming house. It was perfect. Poofs to welcome party guests. (Yes, I am reflected in the door. Whatevs, I never said I was a professional photog). Looking at this pic, I wish I would have done more poofs here, but I was just really poofed out by the time it was all said and done.

Banner. Obvi.

The food table. The food was goooooooood.

Little A's on toothpicks were just the right touch.

Candy bar!

Note on the gift table.

We set up a cute area on the porch. Too bad  no one went out there because it was so hot. You win some, you lose some. All of these tablecloths are my moms. She just has a great collection from various vintage stores. The colors were perfect!

All in all, it was a total we just need Baby Avery to be here!

This morning, I am getting on the road to head to St. Louis!! Can't wait to get to the Chouse, explore a new city and decorate!!!

xoxo, Emily

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