Even more guest bedroom progress!!


So as I posted here (3 months ago), I have been shopping for tufted headboards for our guest bedroom for quite a while. I was on Amazon the other day and I found this option:

It was the absolute best price I have found (this girl is a bargain shopper), so I pulled the trigger. It arrived two days after we ordered it and.... I LOVE it. The fabric has a slight sheen and has an expensive look even though it was very affordable.

So I am just really loving the guest bedroom! Even more than our bedroom, but that's ok! It just has a very glamorous feel and if I was a guest, I would really enjoy staying here... hint hint. Obviously, we are doing this so we can entice some visitors up to St.  Louis. Now accepting reservations through January 2012. Or just whenever. Come visit us!!

xoxo, Emily

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  1. Loving everything! Can't wait to stay there in November:)


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