Chouse Gallery Wall


I am a big fan of gallery walls and have always known I would have one in my home. They are a great design tool because there are so many ways to personalize them to one's own taste.

Some people choose to include pictures/objects/art:

Young House Love.
You can do all different frames.

Elements of Style.
Or all the same frames:
Elements of Style.
You can set the frames on shelves:

Or even set them on the floor:

Elements of Style.
But my personal favorite is all black and white pictures in s similar frame style. For our gallery wall (which I started in Houston), I chose to use pictures of people and places that are special to us, and frame them in simple black frames with large white mats.

Right away, I knew where our gallery wall would hang in the Chouse! In the looooong entryway leading up to the main floor of the house:

Everytime I hang anything, whether it be a picture/mirror/shelf/etc, I always just eyeball it. Usually it works out, and if not, you can always move it! So here's what I did in order to figure out how I wanted to hang our pics:

I literally just arranged the frames on the floor in front of the wall I wanted to hang them on... and then hung them! Here is what it looks like now:

If I thought we were going to live in this house for a while, I would definitely wallpaper this wall... but not everyone loves wallpaper so probably not the best idea for re-sale.

xoxo, Emily

PS- What on earth am I going to do with those shelves??


  1. Emily! I love gallery wall and can't wait to see it in person. I think you should book it. The shelves I mean. Lots of colorful books to contrast the black and white on the wall. You could get them at thrift, etc. Then you could just dump them at a thrift store when you move and don't want to pack up all the books. Just an idea. Can't really gain perspective on just how many books that would be with out seeing it in person.

  2. Good job Emily! I also love the white and black version you pictured above best :) I agree with Kacey, I would book it, but you could also wrap or paint all the books in a fun colored wrapping paper instead of papering the wall.

    What a fun chouse you have....

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! You two are so helpful!!


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