Fail blog. Or fail paint. Whatevs.


Just an FYI that this idea is not going to work.

I gave it a go on one of the armchair covers and it turned out like this:

Looks like I spilled Kool-Aid on it....

I think this project probably works alot better when starting with a lighter color fabric and painting it a darker color. If I wanted to paint the chair black, I'm sure it would work. But.... I don't want to paint it black. So I am kind of back to square one on what to do with the wingback.

I will report back with any more ideas.

xoxo, Emily


  1. Bummer. At least you were smart enough to test it first! haha! Not sure I can say the same for myself. :) Love your new place! We're moving this weekend and I just want to steal you to Chicago to help me find some treasures for our new place.

  2. Sad, but at least you had something to test on! Maybe navy???

  3. You girls are so sweet. I really had my heart set on RED... we will see what happens :)


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