Another Kardashian/Odom home.


Okay, I love Khloe and Lamar! They are surprisingly down to earth and it's so  nice to see how much they both value their relationship. All that aside, I also love their house. When I posted about Kim's interior decor, I mentioned that I was dying to find pics of Khloe and Lamar's house, because I loooooove what I have seen of their home design from the show. After watching some re-runs the other night, my interest was piqued again, and so another internet search ensued.

Well, I found my pics! Got them from Khloe's blog. I found out that her home was design by LA based interior designer Jeff Andrews. He did an AWESOME job. I love the dark colors and somewhat masculine feel.

All pics via here.

The only thing was I didn't find pictures of their main living area with the Missoni pillows or pictures of the kitchen/dining nook that has the gorgeous stripes on the wall... but that's ok! I will keep looking :)

xoxo, Emily

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