55 Designer Living Rooms


Do you all read House Beautiful? It's definitely one of my favs. An extra perk is they have a great website, too. As I was perusing it the other day, I came accross this article. It is a slideshow of 55 designer living rooms. All different, and all gorgeous in their own ways.

One of my favorite games to play is "If I could pick one of these, which would it be?" (super cool, I realize!) Anyway! I do this with clothing articles in magazines, furniture in stores, etc. Kind of my OCD thing.

So I did this with the slideshow! Looking at just furnishings alone, this was my favorite room in the bunch...

Designed by Timothy Whealon, I just love the feeling this room conjures up. I love that it is layered, not too vintage looking and not too new looking. It looks like everything has been collected over time. Just lovely!

Taking the house itself into account, I would choose this one.

Designed by Jean Larette.

If you read the description it says "Chardonney grape vineyards surround this contemporary California farmhouse." Ummm hello, dream life!!

I'm saving this one for my "If I could decorate as girly as I wanted to..." file.

Designed by Johnathan Berger.

And of course for my vacation home file...

Designed by Suzanne Tucker. All images via House Beautiful.

Do you have a favorite?

xoxo, Emily

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