Birthday Presents


So, the big 2-5 is coming up for me. Saturday, to be exact. I have never been a huge birthday person. Yes, it is a nice thing to celebrate, but I definitely don't expect everyone to fawn over the fact that I was born.

HOWEVER- that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good gift :) Here are a few things that I sent to the Hubs as ideas.

From the post here, you can understand my need for a cropped red jacket. This one from J.Crew comes in a very yummy color called modern red. Yes, please!

Also on the list are these sandals. I feel like I have been looking for the perfect neutral-colored sandal for SO long and this season, they are everywhere! A girlfriend of mine was wearing them last weekend and they are so cute in person.

And lastly, who doesn't need some sparkle on their birthday?

But if I am being honest, what I really want for my bday is another one of these...

Not going to hold my breath for that one, though... PS- to find this picture, I literally googled "fluffy white puppy".

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

xoxo, Emily

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