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I love when bloggers give their readers some insight into the things in their lives that make them smile. I have plenty of things in my life that I am incredibly blessed to have- husband, family, friends, dog. etc. But I also have a few possesions that never cease to make my day. Thought I would share a few of them with you guys today.

1. My red Kate Spade bag was a Christmas gift from my wonderful hubby. I have talked about my love of red before, so I am so glad to have a bag that showcases this love. Another reason I love it- I got it on SALE!


2. I have been a fan of jean jackets forever. A few years ago when they weren't as popular, I was out shopping with a friend. As she was looking in a window she just casually said "I wonder when jean jackets will come back into style." She must not have noticed that I was wearing one at that exact moment. Never the less, I love them, always have and always will. By the way, that same friend recently got this exact jean jacket. Looks like I won that one :)


3. The little foo dogs we keep on our coffee table are just so cute. I love that they are orange and I love that they are dogs. I mean, I very obviously love dogs. And since Cody will only allow me to have one at this point, I like having the fake ones around.

http://www.goantiques.com/detail,chinese-export-turquoise,1974860.html (similar)

4. So I guess not only do I love Kate Spade purses, but I also love their housewares. My Kate Spade tidbit plates were some of my very favorite wedding gifts. Black and white + me = love! I know I will love using these plates at dinner parties forever.


5. My Mom was recently generous enough to give me a gorgeous chandelier that belonged to my Grandmother. My Grandmother had some bangin' style. So now, not only do I have one shiny thing that belonged to my Gma (engagement ring) but now I also have this chandalier! (please note- planning on painting the bathroom where it hangs white, so the chandelier will really pop once we do).

Sorry, can't find anything similar!

Hope you all enjoyed  this sneak peak into some things I love! Have a great Monday.

xoxo, Emily

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  1. LOVE those polka-dot dishes!!!

    So cute! :)




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