Our guest bedroom


Shortly after moving into our townhouse in Houston, I came across this image.

Sorry, forgot where I found it...
 As soon as I saw it, I knew it would serve is the inspiration for our guest bedroom. While I always find myself being drawn to simple rooms with neutral colors, I love surrounding myself with bold colors too much to stick to a neutral landscape. However, because I think the most important thing for a guest bedroom to be is soothing, I decided it would be ok if I used a little less color in this room than in the rest of the house.

Here we are so far.

Note the Angel...

Most notable thing missing- headboard. We could buy one or we could make one. If I decided I wanted to make one, there are some great tutorials online. But I found a really great (and inexpensive) option from Target.

 Another Target option.

And one from Urban Outfitters.

I am thinking I don't want to devote an entire weekend to making a headboard myself... but I might just be that crazy one day soon. Or, I might have to pull the trigger on one of these soon!

xoxo, Emily


  1. I like the tan one at the bottom. Goes with the white bedding. Love you!

  2. grandmother had one like the top one for years in their bedroom...in pink velvet!! oooooh la la


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