If I were marrying Prince William...


I have a confession to make...

I was suppose to be the next Queen of England!!

Let me explain. For quite a few of my teenage years, I was in LOVE with Prince William. Or what a 14 year old can think is love, anyway. I even had (or maybe haVE) a book solely of pics of him. Too funny. But I really did believe that I could move to England after I graduated college and all that would need to happen is we would meet and fall in love. So romantic.

Well, as you might have gathered by now, that didn't happen. But I am a big believer that everything works out just the way it is suppose to :)

Nonetheless... I can still dream about the outrageous dress I would have worn if I did have a royal wedding, right? Here we go!

This gown is from the Vera Wang Fall 2010 collection. As I posted previously, I LOVE black and white. I also love bows. So therefore, you see why I love this dress.

This Oscar de La Renta might make people say "She looks like a cotton ball." And I would just say "Well, I'm a princess and you're not."


If I were going to marry a prince (which I kind of did, but you know what I mean) I would go over. the. top. I think this fits the bill, right? From the Monique Lhillier Fall 2011 collection.

This Alexander McQueen definitely works for 'over the top' as well. If it were styled traditionally, could be perrrrrfect!!

This Ines diSanto makes me think "BAM".


This Priscilla of Boston might be my favorite. Looooove the full skirt. I would  wear my hair in a BIG bun and put on some red lipstick and call it a day!

But, really, if I were going to be a princess, I might just get all of them! I hear Kate Middleton will have "multiple outfit changes" throughout the day... as if she isn't lucky enough!! Oh well, can't WAIT to have a royal wedding watch party. I will try not to cry!

xoxo, Emily


  1. Those are some nice dresses. Over on http://princewilliamwedding.com they have been reporting on the wedding too. This will be the wedding of the century.

  2. This could be my favorite blog post of yours ever- probably because I know you aren't fabricating a bit of it!

  3. ha, i love it! (The Vera Wang is my faaavorite!)

    I can't wait to watch the wedding too, we have all grown up with these princes and i just can't believe Prince William is getting married. I am with you, its bittersweet to say the least.

  4. Thanks Kac- you do know me :) And Ang- the wedding isn't until April 29th. I can't wait!!


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