Awesome thrift store find


So, I shared last week that I had a great weekend of vintage shopping. I didn't only find some great furniture pieces, I also found this...

Escada. Original tags still on. $26.... need I say more??

Only catch- it didn't fit me! Blast. Good thing I was chatting with my fabulous friend Laura when I found it and she is now the owner of this little gem. Kind of jealous!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Emily


  1. That's an awesome find! Which thrift stores do you usually go to?

  2. I found this dress at Buffano Exchange, the Westheimer location. Thsy usually have great stuff. For higher-end, I LOVE Cheeky Vintage! Do you have any others I should check out?

  3. Oh my goodness--that dress is so gorgeous! that stinks that it didnt fit!

  4. Totally agree! But I am so glad one of my lovely friends gets to have it!


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