creating a cohesive light plan


I'm working with a client who is building a new home and one item I have been tasked with is helping to choose lighting. Her builder works with a preferred lighting source here in Tulsa, so I was a bit wary of what the options might be. BUT - I am happy to say we were able to create a lighting plan that is cohesive, affordable and stylish....... while working in a world that is full of a lot of this, this and this.

As you can see, my clients really are into the industrial look. I think we definitely have a hit of industrial, but we chose some classic options as well.

Don't be afraid to mix and match with lighting. You definitely do not have to choose options that are all from one lighting 'family.' But if you are mixing styles as much as we did with this plan, its best to keep it all in one finish family. Don't worry - we will definitely bring in some brass/nickel in other places (hardware, lamps, etc)!

Here are my tips for creating a lighting plan through a builder-chosen lighting source:

1- Spend some time (or hire someone who can spend their time) flipping through the catalogs. Don't feel limited by what is on the showroom floor.

2- Don't feel like you have to choose the same options that you builder usually uses. When you go in, (depending on the salesperson) they might try to get you to just go with the lighting choices your builder has used in the past. You don't have to!

3- Say what you want! Bring pictures of lighting that you like and ask if the source has anything similar. A good salesperson will be able to steer you in the right direction, all while keeping your lighting allowance in mind.

4- Know where to splurge and where to save. Are the light fixtures in the hallway closet a huge deal worth breaking your budget over? Probably not. The one that hangs in the vaulted ceiling in your family room? That is definitely more important.

5- In the beginning, make sure the allowances your builder puts in your contract are reasonable. Depending on the builder, they might create an allowance that don't go that far and get you the look you really want. Check your contract carefully before agreeing on any allowance number. It will save you the headache of overages when choosing time comes!

If you are in Tulsa/OKC and are looking for a lighting vendor, message me and I would be happy to share the info!
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