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Today, I am so excited to have my BFF and soul sista Val guest post here on MSC. I already introduced you to her blog, Adorn Yourself Accordingly, but it bears repeating that you MUST follow along. Since I first introduced her, Val has continued to share the chicest, most adorable outfits as well as fab style advice. I'm telling you, the girl does NOT disappoint! So today, she is sharing 5 things in her home/closet that make her smile :)

Hello, MSC readers! I am so excited and honored to guest post on MSC. Not only do I
love this blog, but I also love the lady behind it. Emily is one of my dearest and most
stylish girlfriends. She has been my most trusted guide and cheerleader through
the beginning stages of my blog, Adorn Yourself Accordingly, and is probably the
most fun girl you could ever hope to hangout with! Thank you so much for this
opportunity, Em! So, without further adieu, here are my 5 Favorite Things.

1. My Little Fashion Library
These not only look fabulous stacked around the house, but also serve as sartorial
inspiration and offer up tons of fun fashion trivia. If I ever need some style
inspiration, I open one up and start flipping through. I daydream that one day I will
have a little daughter that will love to lie on the floor and flip through them with me.

2. A Lollipop Red Manicure
I always feel like myself when I have a bright red nail. My style is all about mixing
patterns with patterns and bright colors with even brighter colors, so that extra pop
of color is the perfect accent to most of my looks. It’s just that extra little something
on the end of my fingertips. My favorite is Essie Lollipop. It works year round from
the dead of winter to the 4th of July!

 3. Chanel Ballet Flats
I’m not usually one to splurge on lots of luxe shoes, so my Chanel flat collection is a
little out of character for me. I got my first pair of them as a gift a few Christmases
ago and we have been sole sisters ever since. For me, they are the most classic
a shoe can get and turn up the luxury factor when wearing a $25 vintage dress.
I always feel special when I wear them…. and isn’t feeling special what getting
dressed is all about?!

 4. Jack Black Lip Balm
I became addicted to these when I was in college. Not only do they have the best
flavors {mint + shea butter, lavender + vanilla, grapefruit + ginger… yum!} but they
have an SPF 25 and are super glossy. I keep one in my handbag, on my nightstand, in
the living room and in my makeup case. Obsessed much?!

5. My Vintage Lion Head Earrings
I found these little treasures a couple of years ago in a vintage shop. They are the
perfect combination of sparkle and gilt and always amp up anything from a t-shirt
and blazer to a ball gown. I instantly feel glamorous every time I clip them to my

Thanks so much for reading!! Love, Valerie

Head on over to AYA to see Val in action. Thanks so much for sharing, love!!


  1. What a great guest post! That lip balm sounds amazing. I just might have to try it.

  2. Loved reading the guest post! We love Essie... but haven't tried the lollipop shade yet. It's on our to buy list! :)
    ~ Whitney & Lindsay

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