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This week I started working on a really exciting project. A friend of a friend contacted me because she and her sweet family are moving back to Tulsa and they have a big, beautiful house to fill! Color me excited.

She wants to start on her living room and entry area. And (lucky for me) she is really into blue and white! A match made in decorating heaven I would say.

Here are my initial thoughts:

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I obviously took the words 'blue and white' to heart. And - the room is BIG. So it requires a lot of furnishing. 

1. There are four windows in the room and I think making a big statement on the curtains will be the right choice. I love a great navy, and an ikat print would be the right amount of traditional and the right amount of fun.

2. The client requested a big sectional, and there will be plenty of room for one for sure. Fun pillows to dress it up, obvs.

3. We will probably have to go custom on the rug since it needs to be huge. But something neutral with a slight pattern will fit many decor styles if they ever decide to change things up a bit.

4. Chairs, chairs, chairs. Did I mention this room is big? Definitely big enough for at least two pairs of chairs, if not more. We will need some loungy and comfy, and some that are more for 'form'. 

5. Been loving the two coffee table look lately, and this room is a perfect place for it.

6. Yes, that is a brass duck on the coffee table. I was just feeling it.

Not sure if this is what I will end up presenting to the client, but I think we are definitely on the right track!

PS - It's Patriot Day! I hope we all take a minute today to give thanks for our freedom, safety and those that make them possible.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You know I am all about the blue + white! :)


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