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Today we have Erin from Holtwood Hipster sharing her "5 Things I Love" and it is seriously one of my favorite ones yet! Erin's home is so personal and, for lack of a better word on my part, cool! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, love!

Hi there Main Street Chic readers! My name is Erin and I write a little daily blog called Holtwood Hipster. I’m so happy that Emily has asked me to stop in today and share 5 things I’m really loving right now with you all.  
I’m going to level with you. It’s taken lots of work to get into our own home and every single day, I’m so very grateful that we are finally here. I really do wake up and get a little giddy as I sip on my morning cup of coffee, because all of the painting and decorating over the past year, has lead to some very happy “moments” about our house. Here are a five that make me smile each day. 
This sea of blue is one of the first things I look at each morning. We floated in it all summer and hosted some crazy fun pool parties. It truly is a gathering spot for all of our friends and family, which probably makes this my favorite aspect of our home. Now I’m looking forward to the new colors our surrounding Maple trees will cast in its waters throughout the coming season. 
I’m always working in the yard and much of the last year has been spent landscaping our home’s exterior-front and back. We’ve worked a lot of succulents into the mix. I was inspired by a floral design I saw in a retail space and thought to create this trio as an indoor focal point. This perennial arrangement, now sits front and center on our kitchen countertop.  
I spotted this vintage painting leaning up against a fence at my local flea. I bought it instantly because of its vibrant color palette. It hangs in our home's entry way and serves as a daily reminder of a day I spent browsing antiques with my mom.  
I dreamed long and hard for enough cabinet space to finally store all of our dishware. We use all of these single serving pieces when cooking and entertaining for friends (which is quite often). When I throw open these doors, all I see is another party in the making. 
With various shades of grey serving as our neutral backdrop both inside and out, we added a little more whimsy to our ornate mid-century front door by painting it Glidden’s Almost Aqua. I imagine our conservative neighbors probably think we’re a little nuts, but I pull into the driveway and smile every time I see it.
Thanks again, Erin! Be sure to check out Holtwood Hipster to see even more of her fabulous home!

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