Growing up, my Mom kept a sign in the house that said 'The joy of life isn't the destination- it's the journey!" And when it comes to decorating my own home... I try to bear this is mind. So you know 4 months ago when I said I wanted to re-do our china cabinet? Welllllllllllllllllllllll, I finally started that process.

Started with a trip to the friendly HD (Home Depot) to talk the paint guy's ear off about color options, low VOC paint, "Do I need to sand????" etc. Ended up with this Kilz for a primer. HD guy assured me I don't need to sand and that this was low-VOC enough for our space (remember- our windows don't open bc we live in a Chouse).

Step 1 was to get the china cab ready. I took the stuff out of it, took hardware off, took the glass out, vacuumed the dust off and cleaned the wood. (sorry- iphone pics below). As in most projects, the 'prep' step is super duper important. Having a clean, dust-free surface will ensure that the primer can really grab on, and therefore, you'll end up with a smooth paint job.

So, I primed. As in any primer step, I just slapped it on. Here it is primed, eagerly awaiting its new look. (note the swatches taped to the wall)

I've decided to go with RED (surprise, surprise). Here were the options:

I settled on Behr Bijou Red.

 Also doing new hardware. Thinking a brass/gold option. Yes, she will be one gaudy lady by the time I'm done with her and I'm so fine with that. Really liking these 'beehive' ones.

Hope to finish up in the next week or so... but we'll see if that happens :)

PS- Thanks for all of your sweet words about my news I shared yesterday - MUCH love to you all!!


  1. Ahh so happy you're starting this project!!! I think this is going to be one piece that you'll love forever, especially because red is a color that makes you so happy : ) And congrats again on the big news - so excited about all that's happening in your life, friend. XO!!

  2. Thanks sweet friend!! Miss you! xoxo

  3. that is heaven! you did such a great job - congrats on your sadie and stella feature today :)


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