Life News : Part 2


Weeeelllllllllll...... we are moving - again! This time, we will be headed back to good ole TULSA, OKLAHOMA. Aka God's Country. While it is a slight change of plans (I was 100% sure we would move back to Houston) we really are thrilled!

So, with a new move comes a new house! And, my favorite things- house hunting and decorating!!! Moving around so much has really been beneficial in helping the Hubs and I narrow down want we want in a more long-term home. So this time, we will be looking for something more traditional (than a Chouse), defined spaces, light and bright, with a backyard. Something we can just really make our own. Not tooooooo much to ask, right?! As you all can probably imagine, my mind has been running WILD with decorating ideas..... aaaannnndddd we don't even have our new home yet. Oh well - I am who I am :)

Here are some images that are currently inspiring my house hunting and decorating day dreams.

all images via here.

While I will be SUPER sad to leave Amie Corley Interiors, I know this move is a step in the right direction for me and my family. I have learned so much in my relatively short time there and am so grateful for that. All in all, I really can't wait for everything that is to come-- and to be able share it here! Thanks for following along :)


  1. there is a VERY strong possibility that we will be moving to TULSA next too... we find out in March if Marshall got a residency in Tulsa!! Ahh... the thought of not moving for a change sounds so nice!

    1. Oh my gosh would be so FUN if you lived in Tulsa!

  2. No!!! Missouri is losing you just as its gaining me back. Tragic! xoxo

    1. Tulsa is just as close to KC as STL is!!


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