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Yay! Design plans for our new house!!! Here. we. go. The formal living room is the first space I began designing in our new home. The reason I started with this room is because I've never had a 'formal' living space before and well, I'm just pretty excited about it. Many say they are outdated/never use them/only for Grandmas, etc. But I've always really romanticized the idea of having a sassy seating area in the front of my home to entertain guests.  This is the first room you see when you walk in the front door, and I want it to be a great first impression. Anyway. I think what I've created here is just the right amount of formal with a good amount of fun!

The plan:

The layout:

Here are some pics of the current space to help you visualize:

In words:

1. Color scheme- leave the walls as is. I really never thought I would do that, but I love the gray the previous owners chose and the molding detail on the wall is awesome enough without painting it a different color. Keeping the whole color scheme pretty neutral, with pops of blue/white and animal print.

2. Layout- Because this is a formal living room, I really don't feel we need a huge chunky sofa in here (we'll use our current sectional for the family room.) So, I think two loveseats flanking the fireplace will create a nice little seating area, and I'll finish it out using my leopard benches and a brass coffee table. We'll pull in some garden stools for side tables/extra seating. I'll probably end up using some more cute side chairs eventually, but still toying around with that idea and where they will go. I'll use our CraigsList-ed TV stand(s) as a buffet for storage on one wall with this mirror over it. I'm going to paint two larger scale versions of my fav doggie art for over the fireplace. And at some point I'll add a fun rug either to anchor the seating area or as a runner from the entryway.

3. Lighting- I love the look of the lantern, but think it would be better suited for the dining room. So, it's going to be moved in there and replaced with the cutest flush mount I can find. Which is an undertaking, people! So far, I'm liking this one. I mostly just want something that doesn't grab your eye. Also, I'm going to use these fab blue/white lamps on the buffet.

Soooooo all in all, I'm pretty pumped about the design for this room!! What do ya think!?

We close tomorrow!! YAY!


  1. Lovin' it. And my favorite part is definitely the doggie art:)

  2. Starting plans for a new house is always so exciting! Did you already have the blue and white in mind before your Home Goods lamps were bought or did that purchase make the decision in how you'll approach the room? I've done it both ways, but I always love building off of something I've found and loved. Have fun Emily!

    1. Well, I knew I wanted the garden stools for sure! The lamps were just kind of serendipitous!

  3. I would use a long length blue glass drop pendant over the coffee table, flush mounts look kind of clunky and bed roomy. Good choice to remove the lantern. Wonderful look!

    1. Thank you! I was thinking a flush mout would work because you can see the dining room from the formal loving room, and I don't want to feel overwhelmed by light fixtures :) lots to think about- thanks for the suggestion!


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