inspired to incorporated: sleeveless trench


My suuuuuuper stylish friend, Valerie, is always my fashion inspiration. I've already introduced you to her fabulous blog, and I told you that she. does. not. disappoint. Ever since seeing this post, I have been obsessed with her sleeveless trench and have been searching for one to incorporate into my own closet.

Eventually I had to take matters into my own hands because I could NOT find the perfect option. So, I found a trench that was on clearance at Old Navy (read: very inexpensive) and had it tailored to create the look I wanted. Cut the sleeves off, took a few inches off the bottom and voila:


I cannot wait to wear it like this....

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And the original inspiration herself:

Loooooving this look! Be sure to find Val on Instagram for even more fashion inspiration @valerie_aya. Have a great week, everyone :)


  1. LOVE the way you styled yours, Em! Thanks for the shout out!Can't wait to see you Saturday!


  2. So cute!! What a great idea! We thought of doing the same thing with our tailor, but luckily ran into this Tommy H. one on overstock. It was a random find, and hopefully won't disappoint. Ours arrive later this week!
    Lindsay & Whitney


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