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As I've said in the past couple of posts, feeling like I'm ready to share the progress at our new house has been tough. Before putting any space out there, most decorators want things to be picture perfect and 100% finished. And I definitely don't blame them for that. But I know how much I enjoy seeing spaces evolve, so with that in mind, I'm sharing where we are currently at with our formal living room.

So, we've been in the house for about 3 weeks and have been making lots of progress! You can see my original design plan for the space and the 'before' pics here. Overall, I've stayed pretty true to what I had planned.

The art above the fireplace changed from doggie silhouettes to the lyrics of 'our song'. It was a request from the Hubs, and I am really glad he had an opinion on what went up there because I LOVE this. Funny story about the half-filled fireplace.... still working on that :)

The coffee table was a lucky find at a St. Louis vintage shop.

The art--- essentially, I wrote out the lyrics on a regular piece of paper, took it to Kinko's and had it printed out as an 'architect print' and cut it to the dimensions I needed. Seriously turned out so cool.We (it was a team effort for sure!) used this method to hang it.

Overall, I am really pleased with how things are progressing. It's definitely a mix of formal and casual. Ex: tufted banquettes on a cowhide-- a great juxtaposition. Still on the 'to-do' list: better wood to fill the fireplace, pillows for the banquettes, a great plant by the windows, accessories and eventually will switch out the curtains.

If you want any sourcing info, please let me know. Would be more than happy to share. Let me hear your thoughts- love getting feedback!


  1. This is going to be marvelous just like you!

  2. It looks so beautiful, Em!! I cannot wait to come and stay!! LOVE!

  3. Thanks sweet ladies! Muah!

  4. Em, it looks fabulous! Everything is coming together beautifully.


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