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I shared in this Insta snapshot on Friday that I scooped up some vintage Drexel Heritage chairs at a local antique store, and they now live happily in our formal living room.


The plan is to have them reupholstered eventually. Probably in a good neutral and have the frames sprayed black. Honestly, I would love to have them upholstered in the animal print that is on the ottomans that used to sit there, but I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued.

I liked the leopard ottomans that I had in that spot before. But after a while, I realized they weren't the most comfortable option for that space. And really, since this post, I've been searching for the right chairs to switch them out for.


Now: (nevermind that the lighting is much better in the before pic...)

I knew when I saw them that I liked them a lot. But I did take some time to think about pulling the trigger on them (even though they were very afforable) for a few days. I really could have missed out on them because after having them home, I realize just how cool and well made they are. When I find something that I don't know much about, I always do some Google searching to learn more about my find. Especially in this case because I hadn't seen this shape of chair very much before. This posting and this site call them Dorothy Draper style. This posting  and this posting call the style "Esperanto" chairs.

If any of you know any more background, I would love to hear it!

Another design side-note: most of the time, I try to keep a pretty good mix of old/new items in each space I decorate. In this room, the 'new' items are the banquettes, garden stools, pillows, cowhide rug and mirror. The 'old' items are the armoire (in pic below), white chests, coffee table and now the chairs.

So I'm feeling really good about the 'mix' in this room. More to come!


  1. Your purchase is amazing! Don't normally see those kinds of things in OK. Love them as is, and they will be even better with a fresh look someday!

  2. I have a pair just like this that I am going to be selling soon and have been wondering what to price them at. do you mind if I ask what you bought yours for?

  3. Hey there! What I paid is laughable compared to what I've seen online. If I were pricing them, I think I would ask $100-$150 each.


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