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Over a year ago, I pinned this image of Brooke Shields' Manhattan townhouse:

And earlier this week, I came across the original article on Architectural Digest. I'm not sure why I didn't originally seek out more photos of her stunning home. I think her living room is pretty much perfection, so it's no surprise that I feel the same way about the rest of the home.

What is so great about this home is that the design will stand the test of time. Had I seen it on it's original print date, I would have loved it. But it is just as fabulous and relevant today as it was a year ago. Great work by designer David Flint Wood. Classic, personal, polished but slightly quirky- exactly what I strive for in my own designs.

Hope you all are having a great Thursday! I'm working on finishing up the design of a living room and hope to share pics in the coming weeks!

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