OMM : oushak


Oushak rugs (aka my favorite rug style ever) are on my mind today. Well, they are OMM lots of days, but I just thought I would write about them today.  These rugs can be incorporated into any design style seamlessly and easily become the show piece of the room. No matter what type of space these rugs are placed in (living, dining, bath)- they are absolutely gorgeous and bring a sense of history, texture and luxury with them.


I'm on the hunt for the perfect oushak for our master bedroom. The one we have in there right now was originally purchased for the family room (until I scored this one) and it's not the right size or feel for what I want our master to be.

BUT- finding an oushak that is the right size, color and price (most notably) is proving to be a challenge....  I just have to remember that patience is a virtue....


  1. Emily, what a gorgeous post! I love every image you selected.


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