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Today we have Jessica from DahliaLynn sharing her "5 Things I Love" with us. I discovered Jessica's blog a while back (thru SSE) and have been obsessed ever since. Her style inspires me continually.... take a look at this outfit, this one and this one. See what I mean?!? Super inspiring.

Also, she has recently started a series called "Love You" that asks bloggers to answer this one question:"Why do you love you?" Here is the one Jessica wrote, but I have really enjoyed reading the other bloggers' answers, its really uplifting! Anyway! Without further ado, here she is!

Hello Sweets!

My name is Jessica Reasons, and I write a little blog called DahliaLynn.  I was so excited when Emily asked me to take a look around my house, and share 5 of the things that I Iove in my home. So aside form my sweet husband and pups, which are permanent fixtures in the homestead, these are a few of my favorite things. 
First off, my jewel collection.  I have shared a picture of two of my favorite J.Crew treasures both old and new.  I love statement pieces and jewelry with a vintage, bohemian vibe.  You know that old saying before you leave the house you should take one piece of jewelry off?  Yeah I don't understand that one. 

Second, my new antique chandelier.  I have been dreaming of the day when I would have a home to fill with special light fixtures.  This one also created a special memory, as it took not just my husband, but brother and father to get that baby up there. 

Third, my Penquin Classics book collection.  I let out a little shriek the first time I saw these ladies in Anthropologie.  I have been collecting them ever since.  Hopefully you are in on the secret that they sell on Amazon.com for much cheaper. 

Fourth, my linen meets burlap necklace busts.  Did I mention that I make and selljewelry?  I have two separate lines.  DahliaLynn Handmade which is my line of pretties that I have designed and handmade, and DahliaLynn Vintage which is my line of vintage pretties that I have found and refurbished.  For so long, I just had necklaces lying all over the place, so finding these busts was a real treat because they are pretty and practical.

Five.....GOLDEN RINGS.  Just kidding, but I could not resist typing that.  Five, my slowly growing collection of all sequin dresses.  There is nothing exactly like throwing on an entire ensemble of sequins.  I mean, who doesn't want to look like a giant reflector meets disco ball. 

So there you have them.  Five of the things in my home that I love.  I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into my world.  Happy Thursday!

Seriously, girls like Jessica are what make me love the blog world! Thanks again for sharing, love!

In other news, tomorrow I am off to Boston! Going to unplug for a few days and get some good QT with the fam. See you later!


  1. That first necklace I NEED! What a great post... I need to check out Jessica's blog!

  2. What a sweet intro. So glad we have become blog buddies. Happy Thursday...J

  3. Emily- thanks for the introduction to Jessica's blog! Enjoyed reading about her 5 Things here and her "Love You" write up on her own blog. Great to discover another new-to-me blog this week! Happy weekend to you!

  4. Love them ALL! The book collection is so fab!

  5. So glad to know Jessica has a blog! I was familiar with her Etsy stores and been an admirer. Love the chandelier and have the Penguin Classics that I too purchased from Amazon...such a great deal :)


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