OMM: Animals make a house a home


I LOVE when I see animals in home decor pictures. It just really makes me feel like whatever space is being featured is a true 'home'.  Really, it just makes me smile. Animals are the best, and let's face it, they are On My Mind alot :)


I could literally look at animal pics all day long. And of course, I have to give a shout out to the sweet angel who makes my house a home...

Hope these pics brightened your day!


  1. animals definitely make a home more enjoyable that is for sure!! there is nothing to replace my dogs coming to greet me when i come home from work, well my husband does top them but normally i get home from work before he does :-)

  2. Meg, I totally feel you. I love coming home to my sweet doggie AND my sweet hubby! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo!

  3. Could not agree more by the way! Even though I'm constantly trying to keep hair and um... let's just call them "remnants" ... off our furniture with drop cloths and what not, I feel pretty strongly that our home is also our dog's home. I wouldn't want it any other way.

  4. Haha Erin I totally feel you!! Glad we agree :)


  5. Awww! Your baby is so cute! I took photos of my home to post on the blog a week before Riley passed away and he literally posed in almost every photo so I have been hesitant to share the post. This has inspired me! Thanks Emily!

  6. Oh my gosh Brooke I can't wait to see the pics of your house. I especially love it when the animals actually pose! Too cute! Still so sorry for your loss- hope your new fur baby is bringing you lots of joy! xo


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