back splash conundrums


Yes - there definitely is such a thing as a back splash conundrum. I know this because I am having one. Even though I posted a design plan for our kitchen reno before and was fully confident in that vision.... I am now changing my mind and continuing to weigh my options.

Why? Because designers are their own worst client and they can't leave well enough alone. (just ask my Hubs)

We are still in the planning/bidding process of our kitchen reno, so I have time to weigh lots of different options. And before even one item in our kitchen is touched, I would like to have every item decided on and ordered so there are absolutely no delays. Nothing messes with a renovation timeline like back ordered items.... and budgets - ha!

Anyway. I initially wanted the classic, much loved white subway tile. Which would definitely be a fantastic choice.

However, I have this nagging thought that if I can't do something even a little bit fun and different -- why on earth should a client listen to me when I tell them to do it!?

So I started looking. And I found this.


Painted cement tiles in a fun pattern? Sign me up.

So I was alllllllllllllllll set to do that until I came across this:

It is fantastic and Emily Henderson is a genius. So now, my head is swimming with ideas about how to incorporate a brass trim into my back splash......

Decisions, decisions, as they say. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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