5 Things I Love: Spraypaint and Chardonnay


The first time I saw the title of Katie's blog, I knew I would love it. Well actually, the first thing I thought was "Dang! Why didn't I think of that as a blog name?!" Spray paint and Chardonnay... I definitely agree that those two things can fix just about anything :) If you haven't seen Katie's blog before, I insist you go now! It's full of fun interiors... and just plain fun! A while back she gave a sneak peak of her kitchen reno and I am dying to see the rest!

But, without further ado, here are the 5 things in Katie's home/closet that just make her smile: 

one -- Karen Walker's Number One sunglasses. Years ago, I bought my first pair of "nice" sunglasses as a birthday present to myself.  It was only four days later that those nice sunglasses took a plunge in Lake Austin. Wha-whaaa.  After that fateful day, I swore I would solely stick to $20 (or less) sunnies. However, I feel as though I'm grown up enough--and responsible enough (I hope!)--to keep these sunglasses safe! They won't be making any trips to the lake this summer, that's for sure! 

two -- pink peonies, my all time favorite flower! Few things make me happier than a bouquet of fresh cut peonies in a vintage vessel. Ahhh...I can smell them now...

three -- a chambray shirt. I snagged one a few years ago from Banana Republic, not knowing that it was going to be my most favorite shirt of all time, ever. I swear, I wear this about once a week (I wash it, I promise).  It goes with everything from cut off shorts to a sequined skirt--it's the little black dress of button downs!

four -- my bar cart! I had been on the hunt for a gold bar cart for years, and after a trip  to Round Top this spring, I finally found one! I refused to pay the hundreds and thousands of dollars they're going for on eBay and other sites, so luckily this one was a steal at only $75! It just needed a fresh coat of gold spray paint (but what doesn't?!), and it was good to go! 

five -- BOTA BOX Pinot Grigio!  Most people laugh at me when I tell them I'm a connoisseur of boxed wine, but I'm not talking about Franzia (for crying out loud).  One box is equivalent to four bottles, and it tastes just as delicious as a $20 bottle--I promise.  Plus, when you're home alone on a week night and want a glass of wine after work, you don't have to feel bad about yourself for opening a bottle of wine.  Just pour some BOTA BOX from the spicket and you're set!  All of my friends are now hooked.  I think perhaps BOTA BOX should sponsor Spray Paint & Chardonnay (hmmm...).

Number 5 definitely made me laugh :)  Thanks, Katie, for sharing with us, I loved all of your picks! 

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I;'ve given up buying expensive sunglasses a looong time ago after ... losing them, cracking them etc. The funny part ... my $12 sunglasses (which I LOVE the style) seems to have lasted me FOREVER!!

    1. Isn't that funny! That's how it generally works for me, too!


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