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Haven't been blogging as regularly as I usually do. Sorry? IDK. I usually just blog when I feel like it and I haven't really felt like it lately.... AND blogger has been totally ticking me off. My posts don't update to BlogLovin/Reader anymore... Don't know why. Can't figure it out. Ugh.

Anyway!!! I thought today I would just share some things that have been catching my eye lately.....

2013 is the year of the wedding in the Davis household (count is up to 6 so far). And I've been brainstorming about my Bestie's Bachelorette party. Thinking these invitations need to be included. I went to a SUPER fun Bach party last weekend. Loooove me some girl time :)

Do I need this jacket? I think maybe yes.

Super excited to read this book. My girlfriend told me its like Downton... which has has been missing from my life for way too long. I'm on the wait list at the Library. Who knew the Library was cool enough to have a wait list??

 When we move and have the right bedroom, I plan to DIY a headboard like this one.

 Want this nail polish. Called- Bobbing for Baubles. Perfect!

Football season is starting THIS WEEKEND. I am headed to good ole Stillwater, OK (aka my favorite town in the universe) and have been thinking about game day outfits for quite some time. Liking this look alot for when cooler weather rolls around. Sweater + jest (that's jean plus vest) = super comfy and cute.

Thinking about making this snack. But also thinking eating 20 of them (which I probably would) would make them a little less 'healthy'.

I just really like this pattern combo.

And last but DEFINITELY not least- this post totally moved me. Thankful for Jen's bravery in sharing her story and thankful for a God who provides true freedom.

 That's pretty much it. Hope you all are having a great week! Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the hurricane!


  1. Brittany FissAugust 29, 2012

    1. Love the invitation. Hope your wedding count of 6 includes the Sizemore Wedding. :)
    2. Yes - just fabulous.
    3. Obsessed with Downton and cannot wait to pick up this book now!
    4. Simply gorgeous.
    5. Go Pokes!
    6. Looks like you!
    7. I'll split some with ya.
    8. Fun!
    9. So inspiring - thanks for sharing.

    Miss you.


  2. looove the nail polish + the sweater and jest look! :)

    1. Totally agree! Both are 'musts' for fall!

  3. Thank you Emily, your words " A God who provides true freedom" are very true.

    1. Amen! Thanks for visiting, Jen!

  4. I noticed that your blog entries haven't made it into my Reader and I've been wondering where you've been! So glad I saw your link on FB! Have a blast in Stillwater, America for me. GO POKES!

    1. Yes!! Go Pokes x2 and grrrrr to google reader!

  5. I think we should be better friends! I have a jest, have read The House at Tyneford, and have made those energy bites!

  6. aka blue jean baby is Caroline Kehr..I'm on my work computer and didn't switch to my name haha

    1. Oh my gosh you have to tell me what you think abt the book and the energy bites! Worth reading/making?! Xo!

  7. So excited for you to read The House at Tyneford so we can discuss! Love.


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