Inspired to Incorporated: 10


This Inspired to Incorporated is slightly different. You see, when I saw this post on Samantha's blog, it inspired me to incorporate the same thing here on MSC.

I would....
1. Paint my bedroom black
2. Sell everything, make the Hubs quit his job, take off and travel the world for a year! (we would bring Dais of course)
3. I, too, would chop my hair off. We are talking pixie style.

What would you do?


  1. 1. Launch my own biz
    2. Reach out more to other bloggers
    3. Start a family
    * and probably chop off all my hair:) I've done it several times and it's the best!

    1. Great list! I'm sure you're not alone on some of those.... I say you should go for all of them :)

  2. Love this! We all need to travel with cute pixie cuts!!

  3. I would:
    1. Quit my job
    2. Start my own business.
    3. Move.

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