Need: Flor Rug.


I have blogged before about our awkward living room layout and how this makes rug selection uber difficult. Then on a day not so long ago, I had a thought- FLOR TILES. Duh. Why I didn't think of this before I will never know.

I want to unite the space, and make it one large room instead of 2 separate ones and a rug is obvi the easiest way to make this happen. But since the measurements of the size of rug I need are pretty awkward (7x11), my options are limited. Don't want to do custom ($$$), and would like for whatever I get to work in another house in case we move again :) So of course, Flor is the perfect option due to its ability to be re-arranged and re-sized.

So the other day when I was waiting on the Hubs to go on a walk with me, I taped it out to get a better feel of what it would look like and make sure I liked the size.

See how underscale our current rug is??

I am really excited about this. I mean, I even kind of like the room better with the tape because it feels more 'together.'

Here is the Flor option I am liking the most.

Pretty, right? Unfortunately, here is how the Hubs feels about getting a new rug...

I think the tape will end up winning him over! That, or the Flor samples I already ordered....

In other news, I finished the wingback!


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