5 thing I love- BFF edition.


Today, my BBFL (that's best friend for life in case you you wondering) is sharing the 5 things she loves! Check out her blog here. It's full of inspiring photos, quotes and great DIY posts.

I feel so honored to tell the Main Street Chic followers the five things I love. But first, I have to include a disclaimer. Disclaimer: These are things I love not people- because obviously Travis, Tucker, my friends and my family would take over this list. So instead it is just the things I love:

1. My Jill Stuart sling backs. I have had these girls for almost five years now and I got every where with them. They give me confidence on low days. They have been re-soled and re-heeled many many times...if they ever die I will literally have a funeral for them and I will probably cry over my loss. (Don't judge)

2. My camera. My parents gave me a Canon 7D a few years ago and it was the best gift ever. I love taking photos with it and learning more about it. Taking photos is a huge part of who I am so a good camera is a great accomplice (at least in my world).

3. My tool box. A few Christmas' ago my dad started giving me tools- hammers, saws, screwdrivers, crowbars - you name it and I probably have it. I was kind of apprehensive about the tools at first (I mean I was 19 year old sorority girl who owned a few saws... that's a little different) and now I use them all the time. I got a palm sander for Christmas this past year and I was so excited. (Thanks Dad!)

4. My $30 Reno Hutch. I have always wanted a hutch for my kitchen but they are always so expensive...until this beauty came into my life. I found it at a resale shop for $30 and made it into this... I just love the milk white glass on it.

5. My Janome Sewing machine. I learned to sew a few years ago on a Singer. It wasn't the easy machine and let's just say I had words with the bobbin. So I ditched my Singer and got a Janome for my birthday. It is incredible. And I NEVER have to have words with the bobbin. :)

Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite things. I hope it inspires you in some way!

Thanks, Lo! Love you! Have a great Monday, everyone!

xoxo, Emily

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