Animals in home decor


It's no secret that I am an animal lover. I was raised in a home where all members were expected to be such. Just to give you an example- currently my mother has 1 dog, 3-5 cats, and lots of cows. I hope to be that lucky someday. Until then, I will fill my home with as many faux animals as I can. Just so the Hubs has a little reminder of where we are heading :)

I know I am not the only one who shares this love of animals in the home, so I put together a little gallery for ya.

I don't expect everyone to love it, but I sure do!

xoxo, Emily


  1. What a surprise to see my horse lamps!! Hope you are doing well :)

  2. And a surprise to see my little Ellie!! I also have a love for little animals.. maybe too much. My concrete poodle is getting ready for a pink paint-down. Get ready.

  3. Well of course I had to include both you ladies' animals!!Love them!


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