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In this post, I explained a little about my weird OCD game that I play. Well, as I was perusing House Beautiful the other day, there was another lovely slideshow ready for me to give it another go.

So, from the "Beautiful Designer Bedrooms" slideshow... here are my favorites.

Overall favorite goes to:

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Designed by Marshall Watson. I love the greek key, obvi. As well as the X ottomans (both are details I have in my home right now). This bedroom reads calm, but still has some drama.

Favorite for if I was an eternal bachelorette:

Three words. Red. Velvet. Headboard. No further explanation necessary.

Favorite for if I was an eternal bachelor- ha!

This room to me is just so masculine that I couldn't imagine this being my bedroom. But I can still appreciate the killer styling.

Favorite for my English country home:

Love both the natural light and the florals in this room. This could also go in the "eternal bachelorette" file, as I don't forsee Cody allowing a pink scalloped duvet anywhere near our bedroom.

Favorite for my teenage daughter's bedroom:

She's going to love it as well.

And lastly, favorite for my American country home :)

I have actually had this bedroom saved in my inspiration folder for a while, so I loved seeing it pop up in this slideshow. I can't pick my favorite thing from this room, I just really love it all. I will say that headboard is fab, though. But so are the tufted chairs. And the chandelier. And the weathered-wood mirror. Like I said, I love it all.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Check out the rest of the slideshow here.

xoxo, Emily

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