Helping a sista out: Master bedroom makeover


One of my dear friends (Angela) recently decided she would like to give her master bedroom some attention. She and her husband moved into their house last summer and have been so busy decorating the rest of the house, the master hasn't gotten much love.

Because she knows I am a design enthusiast, she asked for my help! And I very happily obliged. Disclaimer- I am not a professional. I simply like to give input/ideas when asked :)

Here is where we started.

First off, this bedroom is HUGE. There is soooo much space to work with which is a really great problem to have. We were looking for a drastic change here, so we decided they were going to rearrange the room, paint, get new bedding, new curtains, and some new furniture here and there. As most people can relate to, we don't have an unlimited budget so being cost-conscious was definitely at the forefront of our minds.

I found  a room that I really thought looked like Angela... and she agreed! So this room is serving as our inspiration.

So they painted and rearranged. Then she and I did a big Ikea run. And the other night, I went over to take a look at some of the progress and help make some more. Here is where we ended up.

Total progress, right? It's not finished yet but she (and I!) are loving it so far.

Next up, they will order chairs, a rug, make some more bed-related improvements (white bedskirt) and of course, accessorize! The white shelving will come later down the road.

Thanks, Ang, for letting me help!

xoxo, Emily


  1. Emma,

    Please come help me. I will be patiently waiting here in Philadelphia.

  2. LOVE the wall color!
    Great job!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Maddalena, how did you find me?? I checked out your blog and it is lovely.

    Thanks for the sweet comments, girls!


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