Dining Room Progress


Just like our house in Houston, the Chouse has three levels. The first thing you see when you walk up the stairs in the Chouse is the dining room. I have made a certain amount of progress on it, so I thought I would share. When I say progress, that pretty much just means there are no longer boxes in it.

We added the open shelving for our china and crystal. I got the shelves at Ikea before we left Houston because St. Louis doesn't have an Ikea (boo!).

The best part of this room is obviously the windows. But, I am also very proud of the dining room table that we (read: Cody) re-stained (pic below). It belonged to his parents and they gave it to us when we got married.


Also, I decided not to go with the customized subway scroll that I posted about before. Even though I love them, I just feel like subway scrolls are going to be overdone very soon. I am a weirdo about having the same things as other people. And I really feel like the art for this space needed to be colorful. Anyway, I painted this art a few weeks back. Originally I was going to hang it over the couch but I just felt it went better in here.

Come visit me and I will cook you dinner (that's big, people!) and we can sit in this lovely room.

xoxo, Emily

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