H&M. And malachite. And online shopping.


Just wanted to share an H&M find with you all... this lovely faux malachite ring (added plus, the orange factor. Go Pokes!!). I have lived in STL for over a month now and I just went to H&M yesterday. AND it wasn't even my idea to go. I think that shows some pretty awesome restraint on my part. 

The last time I got to go to an H&M is when I was in NYC quite a while ago.. we're talking 10 years people. So when I found out there was one in STL, I was thrilled, naturally. One thing about H&M (and Zara) is the no online shopping option. Which stinks. But I was on Refinery29 the other day and I saw this article.

Could be dangerous...

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

xoxo, Emily


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