The great art debate


We need new art! Which is super exciting to me. We have this wall that is in major need of a color splash... looooove David Bromstad, hence the reference.

It's not only to fill the space, but also to cover the cable cord that comes out of the wall. The previous owners of the Chouse had their tv mounted on the wall, but to make better use of the space I moved the tv more toward the middle of the room.

I am an, and Etsy art frequenter. So I have been perusing them all lately in search of something the Hubs and I can agree on. I definitely want something contemporary and maybe abstract. Here are the top contenders.

Helen Freankenthaler, Blue Atmosphere

Mark Rothko, No. 3

Jasper Johns, Three Flags

Mark Rothko, Untitled c. 1961

My favorite is the Blue Atmosphere... but the Hubs doesn't like it. So we will probably end up going with one of the Rothko prints. I would really prefer an original, but I haven't been able to find anything I love. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

xoxo, Emily


  1. My favorite is Blue atmosphere, too. Although I LOVE the three flags, I think either of the Rothko prints would look better. You are getting so much done in your new place!

  2. You might check out Dolan Geiman's work. He was the featured artist at the Houston art festival this spring, and I got a print of one of his mixed media pieces that I love. His stuff is definitely busier than your options above, but worth looking at :)


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