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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I sure did and have the sun burn to prove it :)

During this edition of the Real Housewives Real Estate, we are looking at NYC Housewife Kelly Bensimon. I have to say, Kelly's SoHo home is one of my favorites! We don't see it much on the show, but what I have seen encouraged me to look around online. I was so pleased at what I found! Her house is so creative and playful. She definitely created a cool place for herself and her children to feel comfortable in. And, I'm going to say it... it's kinda crazy! Just like Kelly!

Kelly created the large pillows by sewing together large Hermes scarves. And she got the couch from Restoration Hardware outlet and re upholstered it with fabric from Zarin fabrics.

The lamps cost $3-$5 and were found at a flea market. Gotta love a fellow bargain shopper :)

The shark is weird but I kind of love it.

All images via here.

I just really like her home. It's just so much more interesting when people's homes are different than everyone elses. Good job, Kelly! I guess being crazy is a good think when it comes to interior decorating :)
xoxo, Emily

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