Robe serendipity


I know it's a weird title. BUT just wait until you see/hear what happened. Last week, I pinned this bit of fabulous-ness.

The description was "would LOVE a robe that looked like this..."

When I was back home last weekend, I happened upon this at my fav re-sale store in town.

See??? Robe serendipity!!! Not the exact same, but similar. I just love when stuff like that happens. Did I mention it was like, $15, or something like that?? Can. not. beat. it.

This is the next "Pin Come True" I would like to happen.

Just putting that out there...

Anyway. This weekend, the Hubs and I are going to see Billy Elliot and I also hope to get some projects done around the house. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  See ya next week!

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  1. Ha ha! If only that was all one had to do...


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