Some (minimal) Christmas decor


After the fam left last weekend, the Hubs and I turned on the Christmas music and put up a bit of Christmas decor.

The tree....

Notice the presents. I decided to save on wrapping this year and used leftover brown paper bags from Trader Joes. Then, I just painted them with craft paint with various Christmas themes. Looks a little grade school-esque... but I like them so whatevs.

Ornaments + decorative bowl = SUPER easy decorations.

I know I'm on this train super late, but I love Instagram!
I plan on adding some more here and there. The only thing is, I get so sad when I have to take down all the pretty stuff once Christmas is over. Am I the only weirdo who feels that way? Anywhoo, I will def. add some more RED... I just don't know what/where/how yet!

Lastly, I just want to share what I think Christmas is really about: the birth of Jesus Christ! To celebrate His birth in a way that I think is more fitting than gifts or decorating your home with bows and sparkles, please consider donating your time, talent or treasure to a worthy cause! I like this one, this one and this one.


  1. I found your blog recently and I just love it! If you are interested I would love to have you do a guest post on decor or DIY projects on my blog. Let me know :)


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