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Amie Corley is a St. Louis designer whose work has been featured in Southern Living, Cottages and Bungalows, St. Louis At Home and Elle Decor. It won't be long until Amie is known nationally because, for lack of a better word, her work ROCKS. I've actually had the pleasure of meeting Amie and I can tell you that she is as awesome as the interiors she creates. This girl is NOT afraid of color and pattern.

Here are two of her most 'pinned' rooms. Her living room:

And her family room:

But the rest of Amie's home is just as fabulous, so I wanted to share it here. She has updated a bit since these were taken, but I think they are worth sharing regardless. This chaise belonged to her grandmother and she reimagined it using Brunschwig’s Les Touches. Paired with Neisha Crosland’s Birdtree paper, so fearless!

I love that Amie brings a sense of whimsy to her work-- see the rubber duck? Totally makes you smile.

Loving the RED in her office space!

                                                                   Images via here.

Here is her son's room as it was seen in the Cottages and Bungalows spread. Took this with my iphone - sorry! Just too cute not to share. This room is also featured in the current issue of Southern Living.

And her dining room.

Told you Amie is fab!

I'll leave you with one last pic from a project she recently completed. You can see more of this home here.

Don't you love it?? Can't wait to see what's next for her!


  1. The graphic artist mentioned in the STL mag article is the one my friend from grad school works for (I think I introduced y'all via email when you first moved out there)...small world!

  2. Yes, it is! Her work is awesome, too! I've been seeing it on Pinterest alot lately.

  3. Asolutely beautiful work! So inspiring. Sometimes I wonder if these incredible designers agonize over their design decisions or if they just toss things together and, voila!- a room masterpiece.

    Thanks for the post. I am glad I finally know who is behind that lovely room with the yellow chairs.

    xo- Margaret

  4. Haha Maggie I wonder the same thing! But for me, it just comes down to picking things I truly love. I find those things always have a way of 'going' together.


  5. That first room with the light blue/green walls and yellow chairs is one of my most favorite that I have come across!! My two favorites in one. Beautiful.

    I am visiting from Peak of Tres Chic! Just love her :) And love your blog.

  6. I love that room, too! Thanks for stopping by, girl! xo!

  7. I love your choice of color and blending colors in a way that to most would feel risky. Beautiful eclectic style. Was a little disturbed by the placement of the picture of the gun and the baby. I'm sure that was an oversight.

  8. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out!


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