Inspired to Incorporated: 5


Hello hello and happy hump day everyone! Here we go with another round of Inspired to Incorporated. AKA what I find on the internet and copy. Judge if you must, but I really suggest you follow suit.

Anyone else been slightly tired of the top knot lately? That may be just me bc I wear one ALL the time. So I switched it up the other day and did a messy low bun similar to Sienna's.

I found Sarah's blog, Workday.Weekend. when we were both featured on Look Linger Love's "Mixed Prints: How They're Wearing It" Challenge, and I have been loving her blog ever since. A super fun outfit she wore recently inspired an outfit of mine.... It was so comfy I felt like I was wearing pajamas!
The photo of me is proof that people should just SMILE in pics. Will def do this next time. PS- should I grow my bangs out?
And this pic was just great inspiration for a super comfy outfit when the STL weather gave us a cold snap last week.
What have you found thats inspired you lately? I think the Hubs would prefer if instead of outfit/home inspiration, I would find cooking inspiration. Working on that........


  1. I love all of your inspired to incorporated posts! There's already so much being done with food, food, food. Don't do less of what you already do!

  2. Thanks for the back-up, Kate! It is much appreciated :)


  3. I like your bun better than Sienna's! Gorgeous outfits too :)

    Laura xo

  4. Thanks Laura!! Best compliment ever! xo!

  5. I must know where either of those sweaters are from

    1. Hey love! I actually got it from a boutique in my hometown... The brand is Focus 2000. But here is a similar one: Xo!

    2. YOU ROCK! Sadly they only have LG but I may buy one anyways haha. Also I made an inspired to incorporated outfit over the weekend. Thought you'd be proud :)

  6. I love this idea -- you're so good at practicing what you pin/find online! . Love your takes on everything, your patterned pants are fab.

    New to your blog + new follower!

  7. You need to do a bun tutorial on how you did that bun, it's gorgeous, but looks tricky!!

  8. Such a fun post! I just discovered your blog via Paloma's and love how you found a way to incorporate current trends into your everyday looks...great move with the printed pants...chic and comfy, nothing wrong with that!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  9. You girls are too sweet!

    Natalie- the pants are a F21 find. Can't wait to check out your blog later!

    Anonymous- it's actually pretty easy, but I will def think about the tutorial... never done a video but there's a first time for everything :)

    And Julie- Congrats on 2 years and thanks so much for letting me know about the giveaway! I will head over and check it out!

    xoxo to you all!

  10. Love the hair! I wish mine would grow out more so I could do that! Very cute!

  11. Cute post! Love your inspired bun!


  12. Sarah- it took me a LONG time to grow my hair out. Stick with it, I know how tough it is!

    And THANKS Giovanna! The low bun is def a good thing to add to the hair style rotation.

    xoxo to you both!


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