Louis Chair Update


Well, I have been hard at work on the Louis chairs. "Hard at work" meaning they sat around for over a month while I decided which route I wanted to go when re-doing them.... BUT I finally decided that I wanted to go with a patterned fabric (this fabric to be exact)  and paint them a really dark (close to black) brown.

So two weekends ago, I pulled the fabric/staples off and primed them. Not lying when I say my hands were sore for about 3 days afterward. Pulling staples is not for the faint of heart! Then, they sat for another week. And this last weekend, I painted them and started to put the new fabric on. I am following Jenny's post as closely as possible, so I'm not going to do a full on 'how-to'. But she is right, every upholstery project is different, and it definitely takes some thinking outside the box.

ANYWAY. Here they are so far. I still have a bunch of stapling to do, but this is their current state.

(As you can see, the tape is still with us)
And here they are in the living room.

The last step will just be sewing/adding the cording. Wish me (and my sewing machine luck!)


  1. Love them! They look fabulous! And love the fabric you chose!

  2. Thanks girl! Still a long way to go, but the fun is in the process, right? :)

  3. They look gorgeous I love the fabric!

  4. Delicious! Love the fabric and colour you chose! GREAT job Emily!

  5. Thanks girls!! Can't wait until they are DONE.

  6. Wow! Emily, they look great! Makes me think I will actually finish mine soon.

    I love your living room space. So much character!

    xo, Margaret


  7. Thanks Maggie! Can't wait to see how your chairs turn out.


  8. Emily! I am totally impressed! Can't wait to see them finished... love the pattern you chose!

  9. Thanks girl! Not going to lie-- this is a tough one! I hope it is worth it in the end!


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