DIY: Drop Cloth Curtains with trim


I recently helped my sweet friend Katie give her living room curtains a little face lift. In our neighborhood, the homes are all pretty old, built around the turn of the century-1920ish, row homes. They are awesome! But it can make curtain buying difficult, especially when you are renting (like Katie) and don't want to invest major $$$ on custom curtain lengths.

Enter- drop cloths! You've seen them before on MSC here. But here is another example. And another. Really, the ways you can customize them are endless, but Katie liked the simplicity of just adding black trim to the sides, which was super easy to do!

See? Her old curtains were just too short.

So, she picked up some 4x15 drop cloths and we just added some black trim using our favorite DIY helper, the glue gun. First, we pinned the trim to the sides.

And hot glued the trim to the curtains...

Then, hung them up using her existing curtain rods and curtain clips. Pretty easy, huh? It just adds a really great detail to the room. It would also be cool to do a greek key detail like I did on my table skirt........ like I said, the options with drop cloth curtains are endless!


  1. They do! I've always wanted to try painting them with black and white stripes... I wonder if it would work??

  2. Very simple and chic! And much easier method than I used just the other day. Me and sewing a straight line did not get along.

  3. Thanks ladies! Sarah #1- YES, stripes would look awesome. Check out this pin:

    Sarah #2- I would love to see how your curtains turn out! I applaud you for busting out the sewing machine :)

  4. Love them!! I need to do this!


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